Learn the Techniques of Stretching
and feel more comfortable in your body


Eliminate common muscle and joint pain
with intelligent stretching!

The Stretching Resource comprehensive DVD stretching program guides you to a healthier, happier, more flexible body.  Relax while improving your posture, physical performance, and range of motion.  Features include: 
  • An interactive menu with 33 effective stretches
  • Muscle names and diagrams
  • 6 Techniques for safe stretching
  • Clear camera angles and instructions
  • Truly relaxing music

The Companion Poster is a great reference tool once you've learned your stretches!  Visit the DVD and Poster Page for more information.

"When I felt the onset of a migraine, I popped the video into my laptop, clicked on neck stretches, and began to do the stretches.  As I stretched, I could feel the headache pain subside and within an hour, I was headache free without resorting to medication.
~Sandie T.
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