Learn the Techniques of Stretching
and feel more comfortable in your body

DVD and Poster

The Stretching Resource

The Stretching Resource Instructional DVD is worth 10 classes on stretching!  Introducing the new and effective do it yourself stretching program.  Ideal for individuals (YOU!), coaches, physical therapists, doctors, massage therapists and other healthcare practitioners who want to help their clients feel better.  ! 

The Stretching Resource DVD:  $22.00
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The Stretching Resource Companion Poster (19"x26"): $10.00
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The Stretching Resource DVD is a new and effective stretching program ideal for anyone who wants to eliminate many
common muscle and joint pains with intelligent stretching!
  It provides an introduction that focuses on safety,
muscle names and diagrams for each and every stretch, and clear visual guides and instruction.  The menu design lets you
tailor the time you spend to your own body's needs.

  • Stretching makes you more comfortable in your body, which makes you feel happier.
  • You can learn the 6 techniques-do them anywhere!
  • Your neck, shoulders and back really can feel better in just days.
  • Stretching improves your posture, increases your range of motion, improves physical performance 
  • AND is calming and relaxing.
Stretching can change how you experience your everyday life, and it's exciting to begin to feel better.  You can create your
own customized stretching program with your DVD menu selections.  You simply select individual stretches or
body sections, including:

  • Back and Hip
  • Thigh and Calf
  • Neck and Upper Back
  • Shoulder, Upper Arm, and Forearm
Learn the 6 Techniques of Stretching and how stretching doesn't hurt.  You will feel more comfortable in your body.

The DVD features over 60 minutes of tutorials and demonstrations, as well as MUSCLE DIAGRAMS for each stretch and an
easy to use menu.

The Stretching Resource was written and produced by Anne Beecher, MSW, LMT, CPT.  Over the past 15 years as a
psychotherapist, massage therapist and stretching coach, Anne has been passionate about helping people with their pain
management.  You'll be amazed how stiff muscles can be stretched into comfort.  The Stretching Resource is a simple to use,
step by step video resource that guides you to a healthier, happier more flexible body! 
The companion poster with all 33 stretch positions is also available.

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