Learn the Techniques of Stretching
and feel more comfortable in your body


"This is not just a massage.  Anne is highly tuned into your body - even if you don't tell her - she will find it, and you will feel great!"  ~Cindy

"Anne is so present and able to read the muscles.  I am happy to finally be ready to have her work on me."  ~Kristin

"After my massages, I feel straighter and lighter, it's wonderful!  I feel talle
r."  ~Karen C.

I was referred to Anne from my Physical Therapist....Anne's massages along with stretches focusing on proper
technique helped to alleviate my symptoms greatly.  I have been stretching for years but found The Stretching
Resource DVD to be tremendously helpful in regard to teaching me correct technique and teaching me new stretches.....
For me and my body, stretching is like thirst.  When I first started paying attention to how much water I was
drinking on a regular basis, I suddenly became aware of my thirst.  Now that I have been stretching on a regular
basis, I am very aware of my 'thirst' for stretching.  Just as I thirst for water, my body longs to be stretched. 
As a result, I am more aware of my posture and my body feels so much better overall."  ~Kathleen L.

"I happily attended a stretching class for neck and upper back, given by Anne Beecher and her assistant on March
28, [2009].  The experience I had was totally positive. They gave very professional instruction. It was precise. No
time was wasted. Individual help was provided. "For the first time since I have had severe neck and shoulder pain,
I was able to not use medication for relief. Since I have continued doing stretches daily, I have not had to resort to
medication for pain relief. My kudos to the instructors! Thank you both!" ~Donna C.

"I felt empowered and it stays with me as I walk out the door."  ~Martha

"I signed up with Anne for massages to ease me through a new exercise regimen and found more than I expected. A
calming, delightful personality PLUS a DVD for stretching exercises that pinpoints my specific needs. For this baby
boomer: overweight, with rheumatoid arthritis, and insistent on living a long, quality filled life, Anne is certainly
easing my journey." ~Bobbi M.

"When I felt the onset of a migraine, I popped the video into my laptop, clicked on neck stretches and began to do
the stretches. As I stretched, I could feel the headache pain subside and within an hour, I was headache free
without resorting to medication." ~Sandie T.

"An outstanding DVD on stretching exercises for specific parts of the body." ~Catherine D.

"Hi Anne, Your video is just what I needed to help me stay motivated. It has all the stretches needed to stay limber
 and comfortable. It's like having a coach available 24/7." ~Linda T.

"Anne Beecher's "The Stretching Resource" is beautifully paced and thoughtfully organized, with easily accessible
segments to target whatever area needs work. I recommend it to my friends." ~Beverly M.

"My massages were with Anne Beecher, who is excellent....I also suffer from fibromyalgia, and have found the
treatments really helpful in dealing with the stress and pain of these conditions."  ~Christie W.

".....I felt as though I struck gold when I discovered The Stretching Resource video.  It is phenomenal.  I love how
easy it is to do.  There is no straining, no pain, no difficulties.  The stretches FEEL so good, much like getting
massaged in those sore areas.....I encouraged my Mother-in-law and husband and sisters to do it as well."  ~M.Z.

"Hi Anne, I have reviewed your Stretching DVD.  It is very well done.  1.  I like the application's connection to
each exercise.  2.  Mellow background music.  3. You did a great job with instruction...."  ~Ron

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